Get Down to Business – At Home

Work in your home office shouldn’t seem like, well, work. Whether you’re running a business, telecommuting, catching up on some work away from the office or just paying bills, your home office should be a place you want to spend time in. It should be an extension of your home, but one that functions well for whatever it is you need to accomplish. (And yes, many of the same rules apply for a kids’ homework space – just be sure to add an extra dose of fun.) With these few simple tips, you can turn your home office into your happy place.

Select a Spot
Choose a spot in your home that makes sense for your work needs, while still allowing for your home needs. You might not want guests staring at your messy desk when they’re invited into your living room. Give yourself as much space as you can – even if it means sharing the space with your guest room. No one wants to spend their work day at a desk crammed in a closet. And pick a location that will allow for privacy, if needed – or at least an area that’s not located in the middle of busy traffic flow in your home.
Office space carpeted in Mohawk Flooring’s Highland Station.

Make it Beautiful
The more aesthetically appealing your home office is, the more you’ll want to spend time there. You don’t want it to look like a cubicle. You want it to be as beautiful as the rest of your home and to reflect similar style, colors and finishes – from flooring to furniture. Whether you prefer modern or more traditional designs, choose homey furnishings and accessories you love. Maybe it’s an antique desk, overstuffed chairs and traditional hand-made rug – or a sleek modern desk, Eames chairs, and a vibrant abstract rug. Be sure to accent the space with some of your favorite things: travel photos and souvenirs, artwork, fun and/or decorative accessories – whatever makes you smile. If you can position your desk in front of a window, you’ll have a nice view for added inspiration. Something as simple as a bird feeder positioned near your window can be all the view you need.
“White hot” office space featuring Shaw Floor’s Appreciation in Snowfall.

Allow for Form & Function
To ensure you can easily get work done, your home office should be more than just a pretty place. Think about your workflow and what you need to accomplish in your office. Then provide plenty of storage in the form of shelves, cabinets, drawers, and baskets or bins. Items you use on a daily basis should be organized within easy reach, while seldom-used files, books and papers should be stored out of sight. Of course, even your functional pieces can still look good and coordinate with your personal style. Think floating wood shelves, vintage jars and baskets, colorful consoles, industrial-style cabinets, fabric-covered message boards – whatever works with your home’s décor.
Organization is key in this space featured by

Get Comfortable
Besides looking great and functioning well, your home office should be a comfortable retreat. Especially if you’re working full-time from home, it’s worth investing in a comfortable, ergonomically correct desk chair. You may also want side chairs for guests and/or a comfy club chair or couch for a little “relaxation” with your work. The comfort should continue underfoot. Choose a flooring that’s the same as or coordinates well with the rest of your home. Carpet or a wool area rug provides maximum comfort and can help boost the style of your room. Lighting can also add to the comfort of your office, with task lighting that lets you burn the midnight oil, natural light during the day and ambient lighting to set the tone for a beautiful space.
Office chic with Nourison’s Cordoba rug (CRD02 Multicolor) in a traditional geometric blossom and bloom design.